Authentic Thai Cuisine

Baan Rabiang Nam is a riverside restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine, from royal recipes to traditional home cooking. Our ‘à la carte’ menu is extensive with more than 220 dishes and also caters to vegetarians.
About us

Baan Rabiang Nam

Baan Rabiang Nam started operating in December 2002 as a small riverside eatery, founded through a partnership of Thai landlords and a French Business associate.

The restaurant is set among old wooden houses and multi-level wooden terraces overlooking the Chaophraya river, in the north of Bangkok.

Hidden behind a lush tropical garden, the all-wooden natural environment is a perfect setting for an intimate tasty meal with friends, family and loved ones.

As night falls, our interior transforms into a magical romantic place serving stunning dishes, varying from royal Thai cuisine to refined home cooking, prepared by a dedicated team of 14 cooks.

Fresh Ingredients, Delicious Meals

We source only quality ingredients, combine them and turn them into something tasty and delicious, by balancing five key flavours : sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty. Needless to say that our team cooks every dish without any MSG.
Grilled Tiger Prawns
Grilled Tiger Prawns served with authentic tamarind and seafood dipping sauce and bitter sadao leaves.

฿800 (500grams)

Fruit Smoothies

Our wide range of exotic smoothies blended fresh guaranteed to make you feel refreshed from the heat.

Steamed Snapper
A steamed barramundi fish served in a soup made with fresh lime juice, garlic, and chilies. Famously known as Pla Nueng Manao in Thai.


Scallop Shells in Black Pepper
Scallop shells sauteed in black pepper with mushrooms and green & red bell peppers.


Fried Chicken
Our fried chicken wings are served with fried lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and comes in a taro basket.


Mango Sticky Rice
Thai mango sticky rice is steamed, mixed with thick coconut cream and sugar, paired with perfectly ripe yellow sweet mango.



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